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Cryogenics 101

What is Deep Cryogenic Tempering?

image009.JPG (27090 bytes)Deep cryogenic tempering is a one-time, homogenous process that permanently and dramatically improves the performance and useful life of metals in everything from brake rotors and performance engines to machine tools and gun barrels.   Using a proprietary computer-controlled process, the metal is cooled slowly to deep cryogenic temperatures (-300), and slowly returned to room temperature, then heat-tempered as the final step.  Computer technology allows us to regulate temperatures to 1 degree, accurately controlling Cryo tempering in accordance with the material and mass of your parts. Although not apparent to the naked eye, the improvements to the metal are significant. Deep cryogenic tempering creates dramatic increases in abrasive wear resistance and durability. The increases in tensile strength, toughness and stability couple with the release of internal residual stresses.

How the Process Works

Deep cryogenic processing creates a large amount of fine or small carbides that precipitate uniformly throughout the lattice structure. This greatly improves the wear properties of metal. The process also completes the martensitic phase change which creates a metallurgically improved and stabilized alloy.

Applications of Cryogenic Tempering

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