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Gun Barrels

What is Cryo-Accurizing?

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Cryo-Accurizing relieves stress in firearm barrels through deep cryogenic tempering.  Stresses cause a barrel to bend or warp as it heats from repeated firing -- warping causes walking, stringing or wandering in the shot group.  Deep cryogenic tempering process relieves internal stress in the firearm so the barrel will no longer bend or warp.  In addition, your firearm will be easier to clean and give you increased performance, increased accuracy and extended barrel life.

The Process

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Deep cryogenic tempering is a one-time, computer-controlled process where metal is cooled slowly to deep cryogenic temperatures (-300 F), and slowly returned to room temperature. The metal is triple-tempered as the final step in the process. This dry process permanently refines the grain structure of a firearm barrel at the atomic level, producing a homogeneously stabilized barrel. The denser, smoother surface reduces friction, heat and wear. The result is better shot groups in handguns and rifles and more consistent coverage and placement of shotgun patterns. Your barrel will last longer, be stronger, shoot better and be easier to clean!

Who's Using Cryo-Accurizing?

J.P. Enterprises, has a reputation for cutting edge AR15 rifles, components and custom bolt guns. This is what John Paul says about cryogenic tempering:

"Having all our barrels treated by Diversified Cryogenics allows us to produce complete rifles and component barrels that consistently reproducible accuracy coupled with outstanding barrel life. Since we started treating all barrels, we have not had to replace a barrel for an accuracy problem. Customer feedback has been excellent."

John Russell, hunter/shooter-gunsmith. He shared personal Chronographic test results that document increased bullet velocity after Cryo-Accurizing his rifle. The rifle: Mauser 98 actions with a .243 Winchester barrel. The handload: 75 grain hollow point bullet with 36.9 grains of IMR 3031 powder.

Chronograph Reading with 3 rounds

Before Cryo-Accurizing After Cryo-Accurizing
3207 Feet per Second 3242 Feet per Second
3164 fps 3250 fps
3196 fps 3239 fps

Russell's comment: "The numbers show how well it works. I gained 50 feet per second after the rifle was Cryo-Accurized."

And there's More...

Randy Luth of DPMS, an AR15 rifle manufacturing company had this to say about Cryo-Accurizing:

"One of the truths about rifles and guns is their erratic shooting after heating up. The Cryo-Accurizing process remedies this. Now I find that my impact point stays the same from the first shot to the 100th shot."

"We make the Cryo-Accurizing process an option for customers when ordering their rifle - and all our orders are processed by Diversified Cryogenics. We added the Cryo-Accurizing option for customers because the the word spread regarding the benefits of the treatment, customer demand grew. From what our customers have said, and from what we've seen, there is no doubt that cryogenic treatment increases the wear life of the barrel and makes cleaning easier and faster."

The Measurable Difference


Actual Ruger M77 group at 100 yards.

Before Cryo-Accurizing After Cryo-Accurizing
Before_Ruger M77-med.gif (5503 bytes)


Actual AR-15 group with Iron Sights at 100 yards.

Before Cryo-Accurizing After Cryo-Accurizing


The effect on shot gun patterns:

before-pattern2.gif (1906 bytes) Before Cryo-Accurizing -
shotgun patterns shifted by
as much as 10" to 12"
After Cryo-Accurizing -
The shotgun patterns
shifted by only 3/4"

Why it's Needed

All firearms develop mechanical  and residual stresses during manufacturing, even with the most careful processes. These stresses cause twisting and arcing as the barrel heats up from repeated firing. Cryo-Accurizing permanently relieves the internal stresses with no risk of damage to the barrel or the action of a fine gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?
Five to seven days.

Can I send my barrel with the receiver?
YES - you can send only the barrel or the barrel with the receiver. Barrels with receivers cost $10 more. The receiver must be stripped, with no bolt or trigger mechanism.

Does the process help stainless steel barrels as well as Blue (chrome moly)?
YES - deep cryogenic tempering will relieve stress in almost all types of steel.

Does the tempering process affect the cleaning of the barrel?
YES - shooters have reported that their barrels clean much easier. They also say muzzle velocity increases 50-60 feet per second.

Should I treat the blank or the finished barrel?
Both can be treated for different reasons. The blank or round is treated for the benefit of the gunsmith because it improves the machinability and dimensional stability. Shooters benefit because tempered barrels shoot straighter and last longer.

Will cryogenic tempering affect the barrel finish?
No - the process will not affect the barrel finish whether it is Blue, Parkerized or Teflon.

Is the stress relief permanent?
YES - the stress relief is a permanent one-time, irreversible process.

What are the risks of damage?
There is no risk of damage to the barrel or the action of a fine gun. Our computer controlled process is completely dry, eliminating any chance of thermal shock or micro-cracking. Your barrel is handled with painstaking care using our exclusive cotton glove treatment.


Handgun barrels                                                 $35.00
Handgun frames                $42.50
Rifle & shotgun barrels $49.50
Rifle barrels with receivers/actions $59.50
Double barreled shotguns $62.50
50 Cal., extra heavy bull barrels
(1 inch or 25.4 mm or more)
50 Cal., extra heavy bull barrels with receivers/actions 
(1 inch or 25.4 mm or more)

Please add $9.00 for shipping. This includes $300.00 of return insurance.

Turnaround time:  7 days

Visa/Mastercard accepted

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