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Innovation in Deep Cryogenic Tempering

Div Cryo Composite

If you're looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce costs, you've come to the right place. Deep cryogenic tempering dramatically improves the performance of many ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, like high carbon tool steels, carbide, aluminum, even titanium.

The process works! Our customers have experienced huge performance improvements from cryogenic tempering. Race car drivers have seen brake rotor life double or triple. Varmint shooters and bench rest marksmen wouldn't fire a single round without a cryo-treated weapon. Screw machine operators report  three, five, even eight times normal output on cryo treated tools. Plant managers tell us that productivity has increased because machine downtime has been reduced. Even Chief Financial Officers and Fleet Administrators like cryogenics. Why? Because production and maintenance costs are much lower.

Need proof? Just look at the test results we've got. Performance improvements range from 20 to an amazing 500 percent.

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