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"To finish first, one must first finish!"

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Professional and amateur race teams have found that cryogenic tempering saves money and gives them a competitive edge.

Cryogenic tempering is changing the face of motorsports!

Virtually all engine parts respond to cryogenic treatment. Treated piston rings seal better against treated cylinder walls reducing blow-by and increasing horsepower. Cylinder blocks do not distort when subjected to the heat and vibration of racing so cylinder bores stay straight and smooth. Aluminum pistons and cylinder heads resist detonation longer. Crankshafts and connecting rods have longer service life without breaking. Camshafts, bearings, timing gears, valves and valve springs, timing chains and tappets all last significantly longer under severe conditions. Bottom line: cryogenically-treated racing engines last three to five times longer.

Non-Cryogenically Treated Aluminium
Piston Alloy Microstructure

Cryogenically Treated Aluminium
Piston Alloy Microstructure

SixMed.jpg (17663 bytes)

Magnified 3500X


EightMed.jpg (22110 bytes)

Magnified 3500X

The cryogenically processed piston has a more wear resistant surface, higher yield and ultimate strength. This alloy will display structural, thermal and metallurgical stability not found in the untreated condition, as well as significant abrasive wear improvement. The contact and fretting fatigue will be reduced due to the tightening of the surface microstructure. In addition, the corrosion resistance to hot reactive gases and moisture in the combustion chamber will be improved.

The same is true in driveline components. Bearings, transmission and differential gears and cases, all respond to the process. And, clutch disks and pressure plates are much less likely to warp after they have been treated. 

More Whoa For Your Go!

Race cars can now stop as good as they go thanks to cryogenic treatment. Frozen Rotors last two to three times longer, resist warping and cracking...adding miles of life to brake pads.

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