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Snowmobile.jpg (24339 bytes)Before you read this strange but true story, bear in mind that we’re not crazy. We are, however, more than a little obsessive about how well our cryo-treating process works. And we’ll do practically anything to prove it. And if that means detonating a brand-new snowmobile engine, then so be it.   

We tested two stock 440 snowmobile engines. We left one alone; the other we treated with our Deep Cryogenic Processing. Next, using a dynamometer, we performed detonation tests on both engines by “leaning” the fuel-to-air ratio until they stopped running. The non-treated engine detonated pretty easily (the pistons grew too hot, causing them to grow and distort, then to seize up).     The cryo-treated engine was another story. 

We tried to detonate the cryo-treated engine three times, Each time, the engine resisted. Sure, it stalled due to lack of fuel, but there was absolutely no damage to the engine. Cryo-treating enabled the piston to stay round, instead of expanding and distorting.

The story doesn't end on the dyno. Following that grueling test, that particular engine completed a full season of ice racing. The team that used the cryo treated engine reported the fewest problems, and the best performance of any engine on the team. Plus,  their piston consumption was cut in half.

Cryo-treating lets you take your engine to higher RPMs and hotter temperatures. The result: decreased blow-by, increased compression,  torque and horsepower.

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