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Tooling Benefits

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The Benefits of Cryogenic Tempering

Dramatically reduce consumption of perishable tooling. Treated tools typically yield two to five times the production of non-treated tools before grinding is required.
Permanently enhance volumetric efficiency of metals. Treated components may be ground after treatment and the benefits of treatment are retained.
Reduce the frequency and cost of tool regrinding. Worn treated tools require less material removal to restore a uniform cutting edge. And so, treated tools may be reground more times before falling below the minimum acceptable dimensions.
Substantially reduce machine downtime caused by tool replacement.
Reduce the scrap rate for machined forgings and castings by cryogenically treating prior to final machining for better stability and surface finish.
Enhance the wear resistance of steel and cemented carbide, chromium or TiN coated tools and wear parts as well as copper resistance welding electrodes.
Dimensionally stabilize metal optics and precision ground parts prior to final polishing/grinding to produce a superior surface finish.
Stress relieve forgings and castings to ensure dimensional stability during final machining.
Dimensionally stabilize nylon components.
Stress relieve metals for tear-free drawing.

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